Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's the day!

Just a picture of my deck.
I am several hours til 7:00 pm. But this is also my first tourny (by myself.) But with my lucky foil card, and my very helpful cousin Zachary. This tourny problably isn't as harder then the one in NY! My cousin tought me everything I know! And he must be pretty good if I got 17th rank our of 21 people! I hope I am better this time. And if I do get my planeswalker it will be a slice of cake!

----in other news----

I am starting FLVS(best home school program ever!) and Sunday school, around one week and a half? In my class before this one I got all A's and that was cool. That's about all for now. but one more thing! GOOD LUCK Zachary on your FNM tourny!

by-magic of the will.


The sabre, the bow, and the cards said...

hey william good luck once again with the tourney my mom and dad are thinking about taking me to the shards of alara prerelease on the 27-28 of september and think about this name PLAYhouse disney

Ariana said...

i like the picture!