Tuesday, September 2, 2008

uh oh....sweet!....cool!.....

I wasn't expecting my Grandma and Aunt to visit my blog because I am mostly going to talk about magic the gathering to Zachary. I'll try to blog about books and other things, but maybe for the first few days it's going to be about magic the gathering.

----in other news----

Dang! Zachary, I am pretty sure I am about to get a planeswalker! Because my brother Scott is going to get one of the five lorwhyn decks, and he is going to get 5 lorwhyn booster packs!! That's unbelievable.

----in other news----

Zachary, I am going to a FNM tourny tomorrow! Only if my mom said if I was extremely good. But instead of it being FNM it's WNM ha ha! oh and when my bro gets his lorwhyn booster's he said I could use his planeswalker in the tourny =) That's all for today. See you later!

by-magic of the will.


The sabre, the bow, and the cards said...

hey sweet blog if you get any planeswalkers

The sabre, the bow, and the cards said...

hey will blog about WNM id love to hear it ive got a new post on my blog if you havent noticed

Orlando Realtor said...

Thanks William,

Your grandmother and aunt will always be involved in what you do.